October 26, 2016

Fat that's Good for You!

Often considered a bad word, fat can actually be a healthy addition to your diet. For specifics on fat, read the shared link at the end of this post. To summarize what dietary changes you need to make:

(1) Eliminate hydrogenated man-made fats, better known as trans fats.
(2) Eat fatty fish 3 times per week
(3) Limit saturated fats from animal sources
(4) Incorporate coconut oil into your diet
(5) Eat fatty plant foods daily

By making these changes, you will decrease inflammation in your body, promote joint health, and improve your blood lipid profile... that translates to healthier heart.

For a great article with more specifics on the above recommendations, go to:
Do You Need an Oil Change?
[ Love that title!!]

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