October 26, 2016

Fat that's Good for You!

Often considered a bad word, fat can actually be a healthy addition to your diet. For specifics on fat, read the shared link at the end of this post. To summarize what dietary changes you need to make:

(1) Eliminate hydrogenated man-made fats, better known as trans fats.
(2) Eat fatty fish 3 times per week
(3) Limit saturated fats from animal sources
(4) Incorporate coconut oil into your diet
(5) Eat fatty plant foods daily

By making these changes, you will decrease inflammation in your body, promote joint health, and improve your blood lipid profile... that translates to healthier heart.

For a great article with more specifics on the above recommendations, go to:
Do You Need an Oil Change?
[ Love that title!!]

October 21, 2016

Frolicking Cows Produce Golden Butter

Ever noticed not all butter looks the same?

Butters vary from white to yellow. Why? It comes down to where the milked cow was fed. Cows raised on pastures produce yellow butter while grain fed cows produce white butter. The time of year factors in as well...for those pasture raised. Milk collected late spring, early summer is more yellow than any other time of the year.

Want to learn more on this interesting fact? Go to:

October 14, 2016

Coconut Oil -- The Benefits and Usues

Have you noticed coconut oil prominently displayed in stores these days? 
Why has this tropical fat become such a health craze? 

But, you wonder, isn't the fat saturated? Yep. 

Click on the shared link for a great read on how coconut oil can benefit you in your quest to eat healthy:

October 12, 2016

Alcohol & Cancer

My Thoughts:

Admittedly, I enjoy a drink or two when socializing with friends. Alcohol in moderation, takes the edge off and allows me to relax. Nonetheless, being a freak on health -- what's good for me, what's not -- to say I was less than thrilled when stumbling on the following article, well, that's an understatement.  Keep in mind, smoking plus alcohol use is really bad. Regardless, what the scientists present will be on the forefront of my mind when sitting down with my next loaded beverage:

Article -- No Confusion: Alcohol Causes 7 Cancers (click on title to read)

Article's take to heart message:

Earlier this year, the United Kingdom issued new guidelines on alcohol drinking, recommending that men drink no more than women and warning that any amount of alcohol increases the risk of developing a range of cancers.
Organizations in New Zealand are also taking action. The New Zealand Medical Association, the Cancer Society of New Zealand, and the National Heart Foundation have all adopted evidence-based position statements that "debunk" cardiovascular benefits as a motivation to drink and that highlight cancer risks, Dr Connor said.